Robin Hood Golf Club

Hall of Fame

Honours and Competitions won by Individual Members and the Club

During its history the Club has had a number of fine players who have had the honour of playing for the County in representative matches; in 1947 D. M. G. Sutherland achieved the great distinction of playing for his Country and in 1955 G. R. Maisey also played for his Country as a Boy International as did O. J. West in 2001.

Warwickshire County President

1990-1992    C Dixon

Warwickshire County Captain

1938       T R Groom

     1954       D M G Sutherland

Warwickshire Senior Captain

2011       G W Barton

 2012       G W Barton

Captain of Warwickshire Past Captains

    1989       NF Butler

       2011      J C Loynton

Warwickshire Amateur Championship

      1950       W L Smart

    1953       E Walton

          1964       G W Barton

    2013      J Carney

Richards Salver

Best amateur aggregate score in the Warwickshire Amateur and Open Championship

    1964       G W Barton

Warwickshire Colts’ Championship

1964G W Barton
1969G W Barton
1971G W Barton (R/U) 

Warwickshire Boys’ Champions

1955G R Maisey
1962G W Barton (R/U)
1963G W Barton
1964G W Barton
1967L A J Shiels
1998S J Belcher
2001O J West

Warwickshire Schools Champion

1996       A M Billingham

2000       O J West

Warwickshire Boys’ Captain

1996       A J Barton

  Warwickshire U14 Captain

 2016       H Kentish

Midland Boys’ Champion

   2001       O J West

England Schools International

    2001       O J West

Warwickshire Challenge Cup

Best nett in Amateur Championship

 1964       G W Barton

Carris Trophy

1956       G R Maisey

 1957       G R Maisey

British Open Amateur Championship

  1980       H D Moseley (after a tie)

Warwickshire Senior Championship Strokeplay

1979H D Moseley
1981H D Moseley
1982H D Moseley
2011A B Holliday

Warwickshire Senior Championship Matchplay

2013 winner GW Barton - Losing finalist AB Holliday

          Finney Shield

Midland Amateur Scratch Foursomes

       2012           B S Staniforth and T Coulson

N Heard Salver - British Par 3 Championship

2014 L Turbutt

Bainbridge Shield

County Foursomes Knockout Tournament

1920H Spencer and F E Plater
1921H Spencer and F E Plater (R/U)
1922H Spencer and F E Plater
1947D M G Sutherland and C V Hill
1947R H Clarkson and W L Smart (R/U)
1950R H Clarkson and C V Hill
1954D M Sutherland and E Walton
1955D M Sutherland and E Walton
1956D M Sutherland and E Walton
1973G W Barton and A B Holliday
1989G W Barton and B Worsley


G H Hewitt and M Watkins

2014G Skipp and L Burgess

Warwickshire Union of Golf Clubs Team Challenge Shield

1946G Burnside, C V Hill, R H Clarkson, W L Smart
1947D M G Sutherland, C V Hill, R H Clarkson, W L Smart
1948D M G Sutherland, F Webb, R H Clarkson, W L Smart
1950D M G Sutherland, C V Hill, F R Webb, W L Smart
1953D M G Sutherland, C Dixon, E. Walton, W L Smart
1956D M G Sutherland, G R Maisey, E Walton, W L Smart
1970G W Barton, E J Sercombe, H D Moseley

T. P. Cooke Cup

County Match Play Trophy competed for by leading eight competitors in the Warwickshire Union Challenge Shield

1946G Burnside
1950R H Clarkson
1951D M G Sutherland
1952W L Smart
1955D M G. Sutherland
1961P J Brookes
1970GW Barton
1971G W Barton


               Midland Scratch League Championship

Robin Hood was one of the Founder Clubs in 1975

Winners               1975(Div 1)       1977(Div 1)      1978(Div 1)       1980(Div 1)       1999 (Div 3)     2013 (Div 5)

West Midlands Inter-Club Golf League Trophy

Team event


Dr J E Kerton (Club Captain – Non Playing), P J Brookes, H G Lunn, P M Turner, W T Shiels, A J Dixon, E J Kyte, A J F Lisle, K H Ellson


 J C Loynton (Captain), R J Jefferies, L E Conkey, G R Bower, D J Cope, G W Barton, R Lee, A B Holliday


West Midlands Inter-Club Golf League – Davenport Salver

Winners               1972       1992       1996

Warwickshire Ladies Champion

1960Mrs M F Roles
1966 Mrs M F Roles 
1970Mrs M F Roles (R/U)
1976 Mrs M F Roles
1984 Mrs M F Roles


Captain of Warwickshire Ladies

1960                       Mrs M F Roles

1961                       Mrs M F Roles

Captain of Warwickshire Girls

    1996                      Miss L C Houston

2016                      Miss E G Leech

Midland Ladies Champion

1968                       Mrs M F Roles

Warwickshire Veteran Ladies Golf Association

Captain 2006                 Mrs S C Bevins

President 2011-2015    Mrs S C Bevins

Warwickshire Ladies Inter-Club Team Championship

Handicap event

1966Mrs M Smallwood, Mrs H Horrocks, Mrs W Gillott

Mrs M F Roles, Mrs W E Lilley, Mrs R D Icke, Mrs C S Wyse, Mrs J Guy, Mrs P Sharpe


Warwickshire Ladies Inter-Club Foursomes

Handicap Event

1964Mrs M Smallwood, Mrs H Thorne
1967 Mrs H Horrocks, Mrs W Gillott



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