Robin Hood Golf Club

MEN'S 18 Hole Open Medal

Saturday 10th June 2023, White Tees, Robin Hood Golf Course

(95% handicap allowance)

Men's Open Prize table

Thank you to all visitors & members who participated in the Men's Open in what turned out to be the hottest day of the year so far.

Some excellent scores returned, especially from visitors & thank you for your feedback regarding our course.

All winning visitors will be notified by email.

We welcome you back in 2024.

Richard Young - Golf director

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ResultsNett [click for Gross]
1st Errol Murray(23)  Walsall Golf Club67
2nd Matthew James(10)  Brampton Heath Golf Centre70
3rd Andrew Barton(2) 70
4th James Hayden(4) 71
5th Andrew Sewell(8)  Brampton Heath Golf Centre71
6th Neil Marchi(11)  Stonebridge Golf Centre Golf Club71
7th Adrian Milward(10)  Brampton Heath Golf Centre72
8th Dave Morris(5)  Copt Heath Golf Club73
9th Liam Mellor(7) 73
10th Chris Woodman(6) 73
11th Peter Jinks(9) 73
12th Stephen P Barton(8) 74
13th Josh Trowell(8)  Maxstoke Park Golf Club74
14th Robert Collen(15) 74
15th Stephen Shears(14) 74
16th Dean Jelley(11)  Collingtree Park Golf Club75
17th Peter Kang(17)  West Midlands & Widney Manor Golf Club75
18th Craig Smith(11) 75
19th Mike Dixon(10) 75
20th John Rowley(23)  Brampton Heath Golf Centre75
21st Gary Hankinson(23) 76
22nd Paul Wootton(22)  Stonebridge Golf Centre Golf Club76
23rd Richard Evans(10)  Atherstone76
24th Chris Becque(18)  Stonebridge Golf Centre Golf Club76
25th Gareth Griffiths(17)  Brampton Heath Golf Centre77
26th Mohammad Yousafzai(14) 77
27th Andrew Greenwood(14) 77
28th Paul Houton(13) 77
29th Matthew Bradley(5) 77
30th Matthew Turner(17)  Drayton Park Golf Club77
31st Darren Humphreys(5) 77
32nd Geoffrey Smith(16)  Padeswood & Buckley Golf Club78
33rd Stephen Powell(16) 78
34th Alec Masson(10) 78
35th David Wyshnia(16)  Pype Hayes78
36th Daniel Hughes(10) 78
37th Stephen Jones(10) 78
38th Jon Garner(1) 78
39th Lee Ault(7)  Northamptonshire County Golf Club78
40th Richard Gary Ford(10) 78
41st Luke Shorthouse(18)  Drayton Park Golf Club78
42nd Paul Bracegirdle(6)  Kibworth Golf Club78
43rd John Taylor(16)  Drayton Park Golf Club78
44th Paul Reynolds(10)  Northampton79
45th Richard Humphries(3) 79
46th Matthew Martin(10) 79
47th Ricky Stockwell(9)  Brampton Heath Golf Centre79
48th Ashley Hamilton(25)  Drayton Park Golf Club79
49th Darren Sharpe(16)  Padeswood & Buckley Golf Club79
50th M. Baker(21)  Kings Norton Golf Club79
51st Steven Wyshnia(10)  Walmley Golf Club79
52nd Jay Chouhan(26) 79
53rd Scott Reynolds(5)  Drayton Park Golf Club79
54th Mark Brookes(24)  Ravenmeadow & Perdiswell Park79
55th Robert Werhun(11)  Uttoxeter80
56th Alex Frith(3)  Copt Heath Golf Club80
57th Leighton Adams(8)  Brampton Heath Golf Centre80
58th Alex Naughton(9)  Maxstoke Park Golf Club80
59th Grant Hamilton(17)  Drayton Park Golf Club80
60th Ken Spencer(2)  Bramcote Waters80
61st Richard Mills(17) 80
62nd Karl Young(5) 80
63rd Neil Mallett(10)  Warley Woods Golf Club80
64th Richard Courtenay(15) 80
65th Malcolm Owens(14)  Padeswood & Buckley Golf Club80
66th Peter Harburn(19)  Padeswood & Buckley Golf Club81
67th Martin Humphreys(14)  Portal81
68th Colin Clark(11)  Staverton Park Golf Club81
69th Nils Krone(7)  Kings Norton Golf Club81
70th Ed Dwyer(26) 81
71st Roger Neale(4)  Hallmark The Welcombe Golf Club 81
72nd Steven M Jones(10) 81
73rd Sam Smith(7) 81
74th Marcus Bentley(10) 81
75th Tappa Harris(16) 81
76th Tony Milton(19) 82
77th John Thompson(9)  Cherwell Edge82
78th Andy Masters(9) 82
79th James Hodgetts(6) 82
80th Johnny Casswell(6)  Prestwich82
81st Grant Williams(-2) 82
82nd Nigel Metcalfe(8)  Market Harborough82
83rd Nigel Brown(9) 82
84th Mohammad Shahabuddin(16) 82
85th Andrew Jones(3)  Maxstoke Park Golf Club82
86th Joe Brooker(17)  Brampton Heath Golf Centre82
87th Harry Docker(17) 83
88th Stuart Ruff(23) 83
89th Colin Matthews(11)  Ross-on-Wye83
90th Simon Levett-Dunn(13) 83
91st Robert Allen(10) 83
92nd Ashley Wilding(1) 83
93rd John Tindall(27)  Cottingham Parks Golf & Leisure Club84
94th Dean Hodges(8)  Drayton Park Golf Club84
95th Ben Morriss(11)  Brampton Heath Golf Centre84
96th Vincent Scerri(21)  Creigiau84
97th Glen Smith(17)  Drayton Park Golf Club84
98th Cormac Hamill(21)  Brampton Heath Golf Centre84
99th Tim Winnett(20)  Stonebridge Golf Centre Golf Club84
100th Benjamin Rhodes(21) 84
101st Richard Tooth(21)  Kings Norton Golf Club85
102nd Bradley Staniforth(0) 85
103rd Nathan White(10)  Drayton Park Golf Club85
104th Sam Padimore(9)  Vicars Cross85
105th Kevin Appleby(20)  Padeswood & Buckley Golf Club85
106th Martin Fenn(10)  Oakridge Golf Club85
107th Gary Duggan(10)  Brampton Heath Golf Centre86
108th John Sumner(15) 86
109th Elliott Metcalfe(5)  Brampton Heath Golf Centre86
110th Matthew Reid(13)  Stonebridge Golf Centre Golf Club86
111th Stuart Warren(10)  Stonebridge Golf Centre Golf Club87
112th Geoffrey Hankinson(14) 87
113th Jon Marsh(17)  Stonebridge Golf Centre Golf Club87
114th Nathan Brearley(16)  Padeswood & Buckley Golf Club89
115th Stephen Martin(20) 89
116th Martin Hitchman(10)  Stonebridge Golf Centre Golf Club91
117th Jeff Neale(14)  Peterstone Lakes94
118th Mark Weller(15) NR
119th Chris Dickenson(10)  Stratford Oaks Golf ClubNR
120th Connor Leake(7) NR
121st Kevin Lodge(8) NR
122nd Mark Halliday(16)  Brampton Heath Golf CentreNR
123rd Edward James(2) NR
124th Daniel Johnson(14)  Brampton Heath Golf CentreNR
125th Ben Dorrofield(2) NR
126th Tony Snags Bodsworth(19)  Brampton Heath Golf CentreNR
127th Charlie Bodsworth(8)  Brampton Heath Golf CentreNR
128th Steve Kennedy(15) NR
129th Tom Savage(33)  Darnford MoorsNR
130th Benjamin Manners(-2)  EdgbastonNR
131st Paul Cox(26)  Kings Norton Golf ClubNR
132nd Paul Dakin(-1)  Copt Heath Golf ClubNR
133rd Jason L Neale(7)  Olton Golf ClubNR
134th Martyn Rheeston(12) NR
135th Michael Martin(26) NR
136th Choung Hun Chung(10)  West Midlands & Widney Manor Golf ClubDQ Card not returned

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