Robin Hood Golf Club


Custom Fitting

Jamie is dedicated to meeting and exceeding client’s needs, which centres around improving performance. With this in mind Jamie has made a significant investment in the Trackman 4 Launch Monitor. This allows Jamie to provide modern, up to date services based around factual data.

Jamie currently offers a full fitting service for both Callaway & Ping golf clubs. Combining the use of the Trackman and knowledge gained from training with hardware manufacturers, Jamie can help golfers invest in equipment that will maximise their performance. Trackman provides data such as ball speed, clubhead speed, launch angle, side spin, total spin, smash factor and carry distance all helping towards finding the ideal club head, shaft and set combination for the golfer.  

Driver / Woods 1 Hour - £50

Irons  1 Hour - £50

Whole Bag 2 Hours - £80

Fitting fee is waived when clubs are purchased. 

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