Robin Hood Golf Club

Dress Code

Robin Hood Golf Club is a welcoming club and we want all visitors and members to enjoy our golf course and facilities. Whilst we request that all golfers adhere to our club policy on dress code we do appreciate that codes can vary from club to club. It can be sometimes difficult to ensure your attire complies with the rules of the club you are visiting. To assist we have set out the following dress code guidelines, and if you are in any doubt please call the club on 0121 706 0061 for clarification.


  • All golfers must wear recognised golf attire on the course.
  • Golf headwear must be worn in the correct manner, with the peak at the front.
  • Shoes must be of a recognised conventional golf shoe design.
  • Ankle or trainer socks must be predominantly white or should be of a colour complementary to the attire worn. 
  • Trousers and shorts must be tailored and smart, not denim and with no “patch” pockets on the sides.
  • Three quarter length shorts are not permitted. 
  • Shirts should be tucked into trousers/shorts at all times.

Covered Driving Range & Outdoor Bays

As per Course but also allowed when using the range:

  • Suitable Trainers or leisure shoes.
  • Jeans that are not ripped, bleached or dirty.
  • Sports wear jogging trousers.
  • Collarless Tee shirts.

Practice Area & Putting Green

As per Course at all times.

Club House

  • All clean & dry golfing attire is permitted in the clubhouse.
  • Casual trousers, shorts and smart jeans.
  • Smart trainers or leisure shoes.
  • Smart non emblazoned collarless tee shirts are permitted in the clubhouse.
  • No caps, hats or golf shoes anywhere in the clubhouse.
  • No waterproofs anywhere in the clubhouse.
  • No flip flops anywhere in the clubhouse.

*There may on occasions be a more relaxed dress code for certain social events in the clubhouse.

Club House Rules

The clubhouse is a friendly welcoming facility for all members and their guests to enjoy whenever the clubhouse is open. To make sure our guests enjoy their social experience there are some very simple rules that apply to all of the areas within the building.

  • Smoking and vaping is not permitted anywhere in the building at any time. 
  • The use of mobile phones is only permitted on the landing area or in the carpark.
  • If you move the furniture to accommodate your golfing group, please return the furniture back to how it was before you leave.
  • Bad language is not acceptable anywhere within the golf club.
  • Members should be courteous to our partners and their employees and our office staff at all times.
  • Consuming drink or food that has not been purchased from the bar is not acceptable anywhere within the Clubhouse.

The board chooses to set the standards for dress code and behaviour for the benefit and enjoyment of everyone. We also expect all members, our partners and staff to manage this so please don’t be offended if you are reminded of any of the standards by a fellow member, employee or partner of the club. 

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