Robin Hood Golf Club


The page serves as a container for the 18 hole_xx pages. You never see this page, and don't be tempted to move the hole_xx pages as you'll ruin the hidden deep magic which creates the menu for the holes. To link to the actual holes use the hole_1 page.

Having this container page means you cannot place the hole overviews directly into a pull down menu, hence we use the our_course page as a wrapper to provide access to hole_1

Note there is also a flyover container page called flyoverdir which has the same restrictions. Each hole_xx page directly embeds the YouTube flyover which was done by extracting the video ID from each flyoverxx page

To how it works see the page

Our Course

I believe this page is only  Viewable by Public to allow it to act as a container pages, pages not viewable by the public cannot (afaik) be used as container pages.

Chris Hobson 10/03/2024

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