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This page is a container for the flyoverxx pages and is never linked to directly. This means you can't directly add the flyovers to a top level menu as it just doesn't work! Each flyoverxx page must be nested inside of this page otherwise it breaks the menu system that provides the 18 videos. This works in the same way as the related course_overview page.

To allow access to the flyovers I added a link to the  flyover1 page from the our_course page you don't link to this page as it doesn't work, deep IG magic is at work.

Finally I changed the page_xx pages to directly embed the appropriate YouTube video as it is just nicer. I allowed access to all fly overs as discussed above (via the our_course page). I couldn't work out how the flyoverxx pages work as the YouTube video id isn't done using the standard IG YouTube TAG. I suspect IG set it up, if we need to change a video was can easily fix the page_xx pages to change the YouTube ID but we'd need to speak to IG about the flyover_xx pages.


Our Course

I believe this page is only  Viewable by Public to allow it to act as a container pages, pages not viewable by the public cannot (afaik) be used as container pages.

Chris Hobson 10/03/2024

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